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My name is Philip Hammond. I am the sole proprietor of the Master Painting Company of Marshfield, Massachusetts. My company byline is Fourth Generation Painter. My philosophy is "Give people their money's worth."

I have been in business for myself for 20 years on the South Shore of Massachusetts and in the painting trade for 30 years.

Photo: Phil HammondAs a Master Painter, I offer a wide variety of residential and commercial renovation services from power washing to bathroom remodeling and interior and exterior painting. One of my specialties is restorative pressure washing, where years of neglect can be washed away and a new layer of beautiful wood is revealed and can then be properly preserved.

I also provide skilled carpentry services to repair and replace damaged wood and restore the beauty of your property. My carpentry services include full window and door replacements, repairs or replacement of exterior house trim and interior house moldings and trim, and other general carpentry repairs.

My Guarantee

I guarantee that my paint job will last longer than any other previous paint job you have had. I can do this because I take the time to prepare the job right and use the finest materials available for the job. My experience in the field and relationships with manufacturers has taught me which products hold up the best in each situation.

There is a product on the market that bills itself as a lifelong and liquid vinyl siding. If you are familiar at all with what makes a paint job last, you know it has to do with three things:

  1. How your home is constructed; specifically how well does it breathe? In other words, does it vent moisture well?

  2. Preparation and priming. Priming dry wood well is paramount.

  3. Quality materials applied under acceptable circumstances in the prescribed method.

Without these three, no job will last. With them, they will last only as long as the house and Mother Nature permit.

That's why I guarantee I'll give you the longest lasting paint job your house has ever had. I do the proper preparation. I know how to do the job right the first time; and I don't cut corners.

Please contact me for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate on your next painting or remodeling project.

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Fourth Generation Painter
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What Pressure Washing Can Do For Your Home

House painting and pressure washing can dramatically improve the curb appeal of any home. And with pressure washer cleaning, you can get rid of the grunge and grime on many surfaces and make your house shine like new again.

In un-experienced hands though, cleaning siding, deck or patio can become a dangerous task - a high power washer can damage the surfaces and even cause injury if you are not careful.

To achieve great results, it's important to use a different powerwashing tip for different surface, know the proper technique and keep the stream of water at the right distance and angle from the surface.

Why Power Wash House Walls?

Dust, dirt and mildew can make any house look dull and neglected.

Besides, mold and mildew can cause permanent discoloration to wood and even vinyl siding. To bring back the original fresh and bright look, pressure washing with clean water is usually enough. But to get rid of grime, mold and mildew stains, surfaces must be treated with special chemicals. These days, there are biodegradable cleaners that are safe for your children and pets, gentle on the surface, won't harm your lawn and can be safely used around pools.

When done professionally, power cleaning can keep your house looking fresh, longer and will delay the need to repaint. Pressure washer cleaning with a wrong tip or improper technique can scar surfaces, drive the water under the siding, strip the paint or blow the siding off - resulting in some big and very unexpected expenses.

Power Cleaning Wood Decks and Fences

Bird droppings, dirt and debris become a food source for mold and mildew, so wood deck cleaning should be done regularly in order to avoid wood discoloration.

Even though there are special wood bleaches that can help brighten the wood and restore its color, it's better not to wait too long before cleaning wood decks, because the deeper the dirt gets into the wood, the harder it becomes to get it all out.

There is a definite technique for pressure washing wood. If not done correctly, you can scar the wood, or cause it to splinter or fur. Regular professional pressure washer cleaning and wood sealing will preserve the beauty of the wood and add years to its life.

Pressure Cleaning Roof Shingles

To protect your roof from early replacement, annual roof cleaning is recommended. Many homeowners choose to have their gutters cleaned at the same time - it's amazing what a difference a clean roof and gutters can make in the overall look of a house.

But it's very important to use the right pressure, tip and chemical solution safe for the roofing material, otherwise the damage to the roof can be substantial.

If your roof has been neglected for too long, some stains might not come out. But if it's still sound and you are not ready to replace it yet, consider painting it with special insulating roof coatings.

Brick and Concrete Cleaning

Oil, mildew, and dirt readily absorb into the porous surface of brick patios, concrete walkways and driveways. These surfaces require regular power washing with special chemicals to keep them looking bright and clean.

Garage floor stains are the hardest to get out, so it's recommended to apply sealer or epoxy paint to it for protection and easy maintenance.